Monday, April 28, 2008

Economic Stimulus Tax Rebates Now In Bank Accounts

The US government's issuance of tax rebates is now starting to be deposited by the Internal Revenue Service. For people who will be receiving rebates via direct deposits to their bank accounts, direct deposits will be made based on the last two digits of a taxpayer's Social Security number.

Those who have Social Security numbers ending from 00 to 20 will receive their rebates on their bank account by May 2; those with Social Security numbers ending from 21 to 75 will receive their share by May 9. On the other hand, those who have Social Security numbers ending from 76 to 99 will receive their bank deposits by May 16.

According to the IRS, for those who filed tax returns on time last April 15, 2008, their checks will be mailed by July 11. However, the government's paper checks will start to be released by May 9.

This U.S. government's economic stimulus package is expected to reach 130 million households. The rebates will range from $600 for an individual taxpayer to $1,200 for each couple. While families with children will receive an extra $300 for every child.

According to sources, the IRS have started depositing rebates at 8:30 a.m. EDT Monday (4/28). Their goal is to complete 800,000 direct deposits every day for the first three days.

While this economic stimulus package will help many families of the US in this slowed economy, how each family will use their rebates will certainly differ from each other. Perhaps some families may use it to pay bills, use it to help buy things they have long wanted to have, or use it for health purposes.

Now that money is coming, some people may realize their wish of buying a glutathione accelerator to boost their health. Or maybe they can finally realize their dream of starting to cook healthy with Saladmaster. Isn't that wonderful?

While this economic stimulus package was mainly planned to boost the economic status of every family, maybe some of them may wisely use it to start a small home based business opportunity.

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