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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Backpacking Trip

Backpacking has been interesting to me. And I know it is not only me who is interested in outdoor activities. The fact that you are reading this blog is because you have some interest in outdoor activities isn't it?

Backpacking trip is not just an ordinary hiking activity. In fact you need some preparations too just like a marathon runner has to prepare for it too. Reading for more knowledge and the physical preparation is important.

One good reading material is, " A Beginner's Guide To Backpacking ". It is indeed important to know the do's and don'ts in this activity. Just imagine, how could you afford to walk several miles carrying several pounds of cargo behind your back?

Again, preparation is very essential in a backpacking trip. So for now, make some reading preparations such as the ebook " A Beginner's Guide To Backpacking ".

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Weight Loss Program

The problem of being over weight has been the problem of many people in America today. I have a friend who is very conscious of his diet after he joined a weight loss program. Many people today also exercise a lot to loose weight. They really are doing something to loose weight.

But have you heard of someone saying "Get Slim While You Sleep"? Perhaps this may sound funny. But perhaps it is another program to help someone loose weight. Hmmmm. Get Slim While You Sleep - perhaps we must try this program before we judge it, huh.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Chess Strategy Secrets

During my childhood days, I taught my brother the game of chess and some tactics as well. He has developed more interest in this sport and now he has been joining many chess tournaments. Now I could no longer beat him in the game.

Chess indeed is a game of the minds. But, it also needs some strategies and there are secrets involved. Try to download this ebook Chess Success Secrets and see for yourself if this would be good for you. For a very affordable price, this ebook covers important topics.

Art of Seduction

Woman needs man and man must have a mate. That line seems familiar. It is common to see that men become attracted to a woman, or friends become a couple.

However, have you ever wondered, despite the good qualities of a man, there are still men who has never found their soul mate? Or maybe you may have known of beautiful women who have never gotten a chance to get married?

Ask yourself, what is wrong with men and women who never have found their love? Are they really missing on something? Perhaps, they don't know how to seduce and attract the opposite sex.

The link, How To Be Irresistible To Men and How To Be Irresistible To Women seems quite interesting. This is a site that simply gives advices to men and women on how to attract and get the love of their life.

So perhaps this site would be the best solution to someone's love problem.It is sad to see someone missing out and lonely. For that lonely person, it is now the time to learn some seduction techniques.

Learn To Play Piano

I used to study piano when I was yet a kid. I was just in a grade 1 piano lesson - and I never even finished it. I still do want to play the piano but I am already too old to learn by now.

However, I saw this ebook called Rocket Piano - Learn Piano Today! and it seems my interest is being rekindled. I have heard that there are people who are late bloomers. Perhaps, even adults can still learn to play piano after all.

Well, if you are like me and you still have the love to play piano, perhaps the ebook Rocket Piano - Learn Piano Today would be a good start to guide us through. For more info, you may click the link.

Unique Mother Day Gift Idea

I just remembered that mother's day is almost coming. Whether the mothers are the young ones or the young once, they are all mothers. And it is worth remembering them in whatever ways possible.

I remembered last Christmas several people gave some mothers a very affordable grandfather clock. Of course the old mothers love grandfather clocks. Not asking the price, they would readily appreciate a grandfather clock given to them. Since grandfather's clocks are big expensive items, the old mothers know it very well that these are a great heirloom.

If you haven't given your mom a grandfather clock, try to give one this mothers day. Very affordable grandfather's clocks are available at

Career Training Ebooks

While searching for ebooks to add to my collections, I found some ebooks regarding certain careers. Of course all of us needs a job, but even before making that job, we need to have the necessary training for it before we can even qualify and be accepted, isn't it?

Certain careers do attract certain people, not just for the money, but for the kind of job that is involved. However, there are just some group of people who do not even love their jobs.

I believe there was a poem that says to love your job. If you don't love your job, it takes so much energy from you for you to accomplish something from your job. But if you love your job, you can't even feel that you are doing a job.

Allow me to post some interesting ebooks here about 4 kinds of careers. By the way, the links are clickable too.

1. Police Career; Law Enforcement

2. Pharmaceutical Sales - Launch Your Pharmaceutical Sales Career Today!

3. Court Reporter Job Hunting Guidelines And Resources

4. Loan Officer Training - Mortgage Broker Training

If you feel these career ebooks are good, please feel free to post your comments here.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Many people now work hard for the money. About 90% of the world's population keep trying to work hard with the hope of getting rich someday. However, others just simply die trying to get rich.

What are the secrets of the rich people? Why is it that only about 10% of the world's population control 90% of the world's wealth, while almost 90% of the world's population share just 10% of the world's wealth?

An ebook entitled Apply The Science of Getting Rich is now on circulation. Is there really a science of getting rich? Perhaps yes, perhaps none. But what do the rich know that many do not know? Perhaps, there must be some secrets out there that the rich people use to get rich. And these secrets could be the socalled science to get rich. Or should we just continue doing a trial and error strategy until we die?

Mini Apple Ipod Craze

Many young people including teens are now crazy with iPods. At first I was even wondering what's with an iPod. Well, perhaps it is just like a radio - only that there are no ads. Or perhaps it is just like a walk-man cassette player or CD player - only that you don't need to carry lots of cassette tapes and CDs.

I've learned however that with the iPod, you can store hundreds or thousands of digital music in it with good clear and crisp music. Since most of it are just like pocket size, they just are very handy. Isn't that neat? Or shall we say cool?

I've been surfing the web lately so I can buy one as a graduation gift for my son. And I found a site called eforcity. Even the name of the site sound cool like an iPod, right?

Cheap scooter - gas scooter and electric scooter - for sale

Spring time is now officially here and it is high time to be enjoying outdoors. One of my enjoyable times is to go around the beach walks with any gas powered scooter. My kids love to speed around and race with their razor scooters. You just can't imagine the freedom we enjoy with our scooters as we feel the cool breeze on our faces. It's just so lovely to have fun.

Sometimes, we couldn't help when people look at us having fun with these scooters!

The scooter we show here are just as lovely as our experiences too, isn't it? And I feel they are very affordable. And you can of course buy them online by clicking on this link --> scooters.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Choosing A Friend Finder

Many people today would go to the internet and search for friends The very serious ones would even go to the extent of spending some money just to be able to search for their future soul mate.

However, there are also some people who have some special group or cultural preferences. You just can't blame them as they are more comfortable to have their friends with that particular group.

Some of the specialized online friend finders are the following:

You may experiment on any of these groups. Feel free to click on them as they are clickable. Well, good luck in finding your friends.

Grandfather Clocks Online Review

Grandfather clocks are generally known to be very expensive furnitures. It used to be that only the wealthy people can afford to buy a grandfather clock. Today, even a middle income family can now own a heirloom grandfather clock.

There are actually 4 types of grandfather clocks today. These types differ mainly on the movement or the clock mechanism that each type uses.
The first type uses a keywind mechanism. It is the simplest form of grandfather clock because it simply uses a key to turn on the clock's spring mechanism inside. You have to wind the clock either once or twice a month. It's working pendulum basically regulates the speed of the time. However, the weights at its sides are simply decorative. The chimes usually are just a simple monotone chime. These types of clocks are the most affordable ones as they can range from discounted prices of $139.95 - $200.00. The Madison grandfther clock shown here belongs to this category. Set-up is easy.

The second type uses a quartz movement. When we say quartz, it is battery powered. No winding is necessary therefore the clock keeps going for months for as long as the battery has energy. Its weights are also merely decorative. Its pendulum still swings but it has nothing to do with the time speed control. In other words, the swinging pendulum is simply decorative as well. Quartz grandfather clocks may have musical chimes such as the Westminster chime or the Ave Maria chime. And its chime may be reduced at night or it may be controlled to chime every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes or simply every hour. These types of clocks are still affordable but a little more expensive than the keywind clocks because they may have more features in them. Prices can range from discounted prices of $300.00 to $600. Set-up is easy. The Everglade Walnut Finish Grandfather clock featured here is one such example in this category.

The 3rd and the 4th types of grandfather clocks are the chain-driven movement clocks and the cable-driven grandfather clocks. I simply grouped them as one as they have very similar features. Both are completely mechanically controlled clocks. The weights in both types of clocks are functional - which makes the clock run. However, the cable driven clock's weights mechanically go up and down and it usually has 3 weights. You may need to wind these clocks at least once a week. Although these clocks are very heavy clocks, they are also very delicate. Thus, they require proper set-up by the grandfather clock experts. Most manufacturers install mechanically controlled chimes as well which can be regulated. These are the types of clocks that cost by the thousands of dollars. The Orlando Grandfather Clock featured here is an example of a Cable-driven grandfather clock.

To find these clocks online, one site that sells them all is Factors that can influence you on your choice - whether it is the price or wheter it would be the features - it is up to you.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Downloadable Ebooks

If music and documents can be digitalized, can you guess what else can be converted in electronic form? Books. Can you believe it? Yes I said it right - books. The electronic form of books are called an ebooks.

A new breed of writers now simply publish their books in ebook form. Therefore, there are now new ebooks that are not available in your library or bookstores as they are only available through the internet. Ebooks have their advantages over the usual books that are in your shelves.

With the creation of ebooks, writers can save money in the production costs which include the costs of paper, printing cost, and delivery cost. To the readers and buyers, when they buy ebooks online, it is delivered to them immediately as it is simply downloadable. Of course, if you'd like to collect books, with ebooks - book shelves are eliminated as you can simply save ebooks in your computers as digital files. A great space saving advantage - isn't it?

Today, most ebooks that you purchase online are in pdf format. Being in pdf format, if you need to access it, you actually do not need to access the internet. And you can save it even in your portable disks or send it to your home somewhere by attaching it to your emails.

Listed below are interesting ebook topics that you might want to read and or collect (the links are clickable for you):



Crafts & Hobbies:

Religion and Philosophy:




We shall be listing more soon, so you are always welcome to come back and read this post. Or better still, save it in your favorites list.

Spring Training and the Great Outdoors

Now that spring time is here, it is now time to wake up from "hibernating" inside our homes. Let's enjoy the sunshine and mother nature!

The great outdoors can indeed include indulging in leisure activities in sports such as horseback riding, rock climbing, or other outdoor sports like golf and many more.

But if I have to learn something new, I usually read first then apply my theoretical knowledge into use. So, if you are new to horseback riding, read about horseback riding first; if you are new to rock climbing, read something about rock climbing first. Or if you are new to golf, read something about golf first, then apply what you have learned.

So, let's go and have fun with the great outdoors.

Some great references here:

Horseback Riding

The Perfect Golf Swing

Rock Climbing Essentials

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Discount Hotel Room

When planning your travel, one of the most important thing to consider is to spend less by checking into discount hotels or cheap hotels. However, you want to get a good hotel but spend less. By spending less, you are able to extend the value of your dollar and to preserve your funds for any unplanned financial expense that might happen.

By searching the internet for any of these hotels, it is quite confusing as there are now a lot of listed hotels. Therefore, you might want to narrow down your search. Personally, I love to go to a site that already lists a few recommended hotel networks. My favorite of course is to go to

Since I have used this site before, I don't bother to go anywhere else on the web as they list several other hotel networks that feature rates at discounts. More so, it is easy to remember their site domain - The name speaks for itself, you can consider it yours especially when you are looking for cheap hotels.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dirty Little Secret

Every man and woman has a secret. Every industry has a secret. Every success has a secret. It is funny to think that when men talk together, they share some secrets about games, business, and even women.

On the other hand, ladies too talk about many things - including men.

The book you see here is actually an ebook. It's about men - it's a secret! It is called 500 Secrets About Men.

Model Airplane Building

Many kids and youngsters love airplanes. Hence model airplanes attract a certain group of collectors and enthusiasts. I for one, I love model airplanes.

But I encountered an ebook called Model Airplane Secrets. Could it be good? Try it yourself and post your comments here.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Ebook Library

I love reading books. If I don't have any book to read, I would either go to the library or buy one from a book store. The problem is, if I go to the library, sometimes the book I wish to borrow has been taken out. Or if I would go to a bookstore, if it is not available, I just have to wait for some time.

But I have discovered that books can also be in electronic form. It is called an ebook. You can buy one through the internet, and simply download it direct to your computer. Thus, it can be rapidly available to you with the press of a computer key.

Well, of course, you can read an ebook direct through your computer. Or you can print it yourself. The only disadvantage is that it is not compiled like a book. However, you can compile it in a binder form. A library of ebooks is also available online at a site called Buy e-Book.

They have different categories of ebooks, such as adventure, business, children's books, christian books, computers, food, garden, health, home, horror, music, sports, travel and a lot more.

California Real Estate and California Housing Cost

When I first came to California in the year 2000, an uncle of mine was able to buy a decent house in the Southern California area for about $170,000. I said, someday I can buy one for myself and my family.

Today is already 2006, and I know that the California housing cost has been increasing. But as I checked recently the status of the California real estate, I was shocked. Probably, the house that my uncle bought several years ago would range between $400,000 and $500,000. Just imagine, it had tripled its value in just a matter of six years.

In the Los Angeles area alone, it is now difficult to find a decent home costing less than $200,000. What if I buy a house now. Can I buy a house with no money down at the price of $500,000 or more? But many investors say, yes, I can still buy a house with no money down.
I tried to think like I was on the other side of the bargaining table. Would you suppose that real estate owners are really making money? What about the mortgage, companies? Since mortgage involves money directly, probably it is also high time that I should learn some real estate secrets in the mortgage business. What do you think?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Making Gel Candle

For those candle lovers, I'd like to share with you something new. Guess what is the picture presented here.
Would you believe it is a candle? Yes, it is a candle - but a different kind. It is called a gel candle. Wanna know how to make it? You can make one yourself! How it is made is presented in an ebook called How To Make A Gel Candle.

Isn't gel candles a good idea for another business? It is attractive, beautiful, elegant and unique too.

American Idol Audition

I have just made an american idol blog posting today and yesterday. But as I was surfing the web, something interesting caught my attention. This is about making it to the American Idol auditions.

There is a site which promotes it's product called American Idol Advantage. As early as now, for those of you who are wishing to make it to the contests, it is indeed wise to prepare early and be prepare. Probably the American Idol Advantage might work - but of course, everything will still depend on you, right?

Senior Friend Finder

The site Friend Finder is a very popular one. People who are searching for a date or for a future mate, come to internet sites like the Friend Finder.

I've known this for several years now as I have known of some friends who were able to find their sould mate through the internet. And, you know, there are even enjoying their happy marriage too.

However, what amazes me is when I stumbled at a site called Senior Friend Finder. I did not realize that even seniors are still looking for someone special - even on the web too. Can you believe it? Senior Friend Finder.

At Pre-foreclosure, Stop Foreclosure

As I was surfing the web, I came across a site with listings of homes under pre-foreclosure. This list in the greater Los Angeles area alone, has hundreds of homes listed under pre-foreclosure! Wow, I was quite surprised!

Pre-foreclosure is a stage when the home owner is not able to pay a month or two regular payments to the lender - such as the banks. If the owner cannot settle this problem, the problem would come to the point when the property would be foreclosed.
Of course, we cannot blame people when bad circumstances come to them such as unemployment, health problems, and a lot more. Once the affected people face such circumstances, they may no longer have a regular income to pay their bills - and that includes paying the mortgage.

Once a property has been foreclosed, the home owner suffers a bad credit history. Imagine, when you have a bad history credit, you can't even qualify to rent a small apartment! As a result, I've seen many homeless people walking around in the greater Los Angeles area too! What's worse, all the equity you have invested for your home would all be gone. The banks won't even repay you for this!

But there is a way to stop foreclosure. One site I've seen offers this solution. It is located at When you are in the pre-foreclosure stage, remember your worst enemy could be TIME. If you won't act quickly, you would certainly suffer the worst effect of foreclosure.

Just a good advise to our friends in the pre-foreclosure stage, please do act quickly before it is too late.

American Idol Surprises

When the results of the American Idol show came up last night, everybody was struck by surprise when Mandisa (is this the right spelling?) was declared out of the show.

I just don't know how America votes. But as the judges have been advising, vote for the good ones or your favorite singers. Otherwise, you'll end up surprised when your favorite singer would be out.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Who's The Next American Idol?

The American Idol show has indeed a large following. The year is 2006 and it may be difficult to decide who America will really vote to be the next American Idol. Is this person gonna be a he or a she? Or is it gonna be your favorite one? Or is it your crash?

What do you think?

Suggest A Birthday Gift Idea for Me

I was just wondering, what if it was my birthday today? Can you suggest a birthday gift idea for me? What do you think is the greatest gift of all?

Or should I choose from among the previous postings I have suggested? Sometimes, it is kind of hard to decide if you will be choosing a gift for yourself, or is it?

Well, happy birthday to all the birthday celebrants out there.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Birthday Gift Idea for Men

Year after year, or as the years come along, sometimes it is quite difficult to pick the right gifts for your friends and relatives. Listed below are some suggested birthday gifts for men:

1. Cufflinks. These are greatly appreciated by the men who is fond of formal wear accessories. For prices less than $100, it is elegant and great for men.

2. Swords. These are great for collectors of knives and swords. Swords and knives bring out the fantasies of men.

3. Hydration Packs. Men usually love sports or outdoors. Hydration packs are great for hikers and adventurers.

4. Multi-function Tools. Men greatly love all sorts of tools. Averaging about $100 or less, multi-function tools may have pliers, knife, scissors, and more.

5. Jewelry. Would you agree that some men also appreciate some jewelries such as rings and necklaces? Does this apply to the man to whom you'll be giving something for birthday?

6. Wrist watches. Of course men's wrist watches are greatly appreciated. They can be worn every day. Men would surely admire great wrist watches.

7. iPod. Music lovers love new high-tech gadgets. This iPod would certainly be greatly appreciated more so that it is not a cheap product.

8. Adjustable Bed. Perhaps you may think that a bed cannot be given as a gift because of it's size. But an adjustable bed would be a great replacement for that old bed of your loved one.

You may also click on any of the pictures if you'd like to look for more details and other gift ideas.

Any other suggestions for birthday gifts for a man would be greatly appreciated.

Starting An Online Business

An online business,which represents a part of e-commerce, attracted many who wish to own their own businesses. Many have been attracted by the so-called home business opportunities.

Having a website for your online business is just the beginning, hosting your website by a website company is another story. Marketing your site plays a vital role for the success of your online business.

I have found that Yahoo Small Business to be a very affordable website company that offers online business solutions. I use them to secure my domain names as well as to host some of my websites.

So far, I've been very satisfied using Yahoo Small Business.

April Fool Prank

There are people who just want to have fun and there are also people who simply want to make fun of others. The month of April perhaps is a time when many would do April fool prank on others.

It is interesting to note that there are prank gags that produce farts. Ever heard of a farting machine?

There are even political gags now-a-days. Here's one that depicts the US president. Would you touch his finger?

Well, if April fool pranks can make you laugh, just be careful you wouldn't offend anyone.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Mail Order Bride Or Russian Bride

How would you believe that mail order brides still do exist? If you see ladies such as the pictures above, would you order a bride for yourself. What are your comments?

Prank Gag

On April 1, my sons including other kids played April fools with every one. Others used gags.

Unknowingly, one of them told me they needed my signature. They then offered me one of their pens. As I clicked the pen, wwwwwwhhhhhhoaaaaa! The kids laughed at me because I got frightened with a jerk from an "electrical current". They got me with a prank gag!

Ya, why not use prank gags to create laughter with friends!

American Indian Artifacts

I remember when I was just a young boy, I usually watch cowbow movies. Aside from being a cowbow, I also wanted to be a Native American Indian too with their bow and arrows!

Of course, as a grown up, I've learned that you can't play two roles at the same time. But my travel through Arizona and New Mexico reminded me of my childhood fantasies.

During my travel, I actually happened to stop by a store selling Native American Indian artifacts. It fascinated me to learn that really the American Indians use natural materials in nature just to make a bow and arrow. For example, a bow may be wrapped with leather and Native Americans don't use an ordinary string in a bow - but they use an animal derived material called sinew.

Since I don't travel this route quite often, I bought myself a bow and arrow as a souvenir. But later I found a site where I can also purchase other native American Indian artifacts. It is found at

Now, even if I can't go through Arizona or New Mexico, I know where to purchase Native American Indian artifacts.