Thursday, April 24, 2008

Outstanding Sleep With MaxGXL

It cannot be denied that there are people who just can't sleep. Sleeping disorders do plague the human society. That even includes my wife who feels various uncomfortable issues when sleeping. As a nurse, there was even a time when my wife feared that she may be suffering from sleep apnea.

I am simply writing this article based on what had recently transpired to me an my wife with our encounter with this new food supplement that was introduced to us by a friend. This new food supplement is known as MaxGXL which is marketed by Max International.

My friend informed me that it is an immune booster because it is a glutathione accelerator. He further claims that this supplement was formulated by Dr. Robert Keller, who is a board certified physician in the U.S. As a licensed physician from the Philippines, I don't just easily believe on claims not until I read some clinical reports and studies on any medications or food supplements. Thus, I requested my friend to provide me studies and clinical trial results of Dr. Keller.

Two weeks ago, after I have done my readings on these clinical trials and studies, I told my friend, "Okay, I am willing to make myself a guinea pig. Provide me some samples of this MaxGXL and I'll see for myself if it can be of any good to me." Surely enough, my friend provided me a week's sample. I tried taking it for four successive days, but I did not feel anything. Thus I quit taking it.

About a week ago, my wife had hypertension while at work, thus she had to go to the emergency room where she was examined and treated. Blood work up was also done on her. The ER physician was alarmed with the result of her complete blood count (CBC) because her white blood cell count was quite high although she could not find anything wrong with her other than her hypertension.

I am bit alarmed too because I remember that a year ago, my wife was admitted in a hospital in Glendale and the doctors feared she may be experiencing a beginning stage of leukemia because she also had high white cell count that time. In fact she was even referred to a hematologist for that matter and treated but her WBC count did not really go to normal levels. So with my wife's recent WBC count which is quite high, I am really concerned about her health. Thus, we had her scheduled for check-up with a physician.

While waiting for her doctor's appointment, I advised my wife to try taking this MaxGXL. This might boost her immunity levels. Since I still have three days worth of samples left from the stock that was given to me by my friend, I gave the remaining samples to my wife. After about two days of taking MaxGXL at its recommended dosage, she told me of a positive remark. She felt better, and she thought she slept quite well.

But because my samples were limited, we finally ran out of the supply. Immediately after not taking MaxGXL for a day, my wife told me that she was not sleeping soundly again and there were those body discomforts that she was experiencing before. Because of this, I finally ordered MaxGXL. For three days while we run out of the samples, she felt those body discomforts again and complained that it was really different when she was taking the MaxGXL.

Finally, two days ago, the MaxGXL order I made arrived, thus she started taking the se health supplements again. After one day of taking it, my wife told me she was having a very sound sleep again. She felt very refreshed again when she wakes up in the morning. She says, MaxGXL really gives her a good comfortable sleep.

Another friend of ours made similar claims of having a very sound sleep now that she is also taking MaxGXL. And she has just been taking these health supplements for more than a month now.

I feel that if MaxGXL works for my wife and our friend to give both of them relief from a sleep disorder, these should work for other patients too who may be suffering from sleep disorders too. These may work for you too, so why not give it a try. These supplements deserves further clinical studies by more medical practitioners too. You can learn more of MaxGXL through

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