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Sunday, June 29, 2008

US Boxer Diaz Defeated By Philippine's Pacquiao

June 28, 2008 was an exciting night of boxing battle at Mandalay Bay of Las Vegas - the battle of champions between the defending WBC Lightweight Champion David Diaz of Chicago, Illinois, USA versus the current WBC Super Featherweight Champion Manny Pacquiao from General Santos City, Philippines.

Although it was Pacquiao's first fight in the lightweight division, David Diaz was so much overwhelmed by the super speed punches of the Filipino boxer. Diaz was knocked out at the 9th round of this 12-round fight.

Pacquiao is now the first Asian and the first Filipino boxer to win titles in 4 different weight divisions in boxing. He has won titles in junior feather weight, feather weight, junior light weight and now the light weight division.

Diaz, a former member of the 1996 US Olympic team, was badly battered on this second defense of his light weight division title. Less than 1 minute before the end of round 2, he sustained a cut on his nose bridge which made the fight a very bloody one. On round 4, he sustained a right cut on his right eye which gave him a very bloody face looking like a red painted masked face.

Also on round 4, the very determined Diaz started to have a hematoma or a black eye on his left eye with swollen lip. On the 8th round, a huge swelling can be seen on the left eyebrow of the US fighter. Referee Vic Drakulich halted the fight in two occasions, namely round 4 and 6, for the doctors to examine the bleeding cuts of Diaz.

Pacquiao won all eight rounds with the judges. It was a superbly brilliant display by Pacquiao making his combination of upper cuts and right hooks that overwhelmed Diaz. The fight was officially stopped by the referee at 2:24 of the 9th round when Diaz fell hard face down on the canvass.

Diaz was unable to stand immediately and Pacquiao even attempted to help the US fighter stand up on his feet. After the fight, Diaz was reportedly brought to Valley Hospital for suturing of wounds.

This fight made Pacquaio prove himself entitled as the best pound for pound boxing fighter. After the 6th round, even Diaz commented to his trainer, "I can handle his punches, it's just too fast."

During the interview with the boxers, the friendly and very sportsman Diaz commented, "Ya, he was too fast ... fast, fast, fast. He even joked, "...I thought Freedie was there ... cutting me too" "I thought he (Pacquiao) had a knife with him though...he was fast than what I expected."

Could it be possible that Diaz could be thinking Pacquiao's gloves look like a hunting knife to him? Whatever his thoughts are, Pacquiao simply proved that even at 135 pound weight, he is looking even stronger than ever. Pacquiao finished the fight with an unblemished face as the new WBC Light Weight champion.
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Game Hunting

I thought game hunting (which include hunting for deers, turkeys, ducks, etc) only involved the use of hunting rifles. It is also possible to do bow hunting - using bow and arrows. In fact, it is also possible to hunt using a crossbow in most states in the U.S. However, in many of these states, some permit is required to use crossbows for hunting games.
Hunting with the use of a crossbow must be very challenging. However, there are certain crossbows today that come with a scope such as the RC-150 Crossbow Package with Premium Red Dot Scope by Barnett. However, even the use of scopes in crossbows may be regulated by some states in the US. Thus it is important to know the local laws in your state if you are contemplating to use one.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cool Summer Fun

Cool Summer Fun

Just recently, Southern California had been hit by a heat wave. Temperatures reached as high as 108 degrees Fahrenheit and some localities had no electrical current because of the overload of electrical use by many different homes.

In occasions like this, can you have fun and escape the pangs of hot summer? Certainly you still can. Turn on your home airconditioner and simply do indoor activities. The problem is you will certainly have increased electricity bills. Can you afford to have more electricity bills amidst the rising cost of gasoline?

If your home is just a few miles away from the beaches or the lakes, you can certainly escape the heat of summer. The cooler breezes can ease out the hot temperatures. So take a break by going outdoors near the beaches or lakes.

Here are a few suggestions on what you can do on the weekends this summer:

1. Have a family picnic. If you are single, do a picnic with friends and relatives. Be sure to bring along some outdoor shelters or beach shelters if you are going to the beach. If you are going to beaches with "built-in" tables and benches, you can even buy the Tripod Shelter which is a nice portable shelter that you can easily install.

Of course, any picnic won't be fun without any food. So be sure to fill up your picnic basket with enough food and delicacies. And do not forget to bring water. So bring along your water coolers or fill up your hydration packs with enough cool water.

2. Do some water activities at the lakes or the beaches. Go out swimming if you can. However, just a caution, be extra careful of swimming in areas known with shark attacks, okay? Use your judgement on this. If you have a wakeboard, go take it out and enjoy yourself. You may have an inflatable boat, bring it along and enjoy some rowing.

Maybe you have an inflatable kayak or you know of someone who owns some small catamarans, then borrow one or rent one to enjoy outdoor sailing or fishing too. Just in case you might want to own a very handy inflatable kayak, try the Travel Kayak 10' 3" 2 person kayak which is very reasonably priced.

As a reminder, do not forget to wear your life vests when riding any watercraft.

3. Go fishing along the piers. You have seen some anglers along the piers taking the time to relax and making themselves being productive by getting a catch. So take your fishing gear with you and have fun while cooling yourself this summer at the pier. Bring any of your tackle boxes, maybe at least two fishing rods, and make sure your fishing reels are working properly. One of the best available fishing reels today is the Black Gold Spinning Reel 9.5oz 160yd 6lb by Daiwa.

4. How about treasure hunting along the sea shore or along the beaches while strolling. Well, if you have a treasure metal detector, then use it. Who knows, you might be lucky to find some precious hidden treasure along the sands of the beach. The Discovery Metal Detector is a good quality instrument that you can buy for yourself at less than $200.00 for a sale price! It is worth the investment because its price can even be way down the price of the treasure you will find while simply cooling yourself this summer.

These are just a few of the the activities you can do to have a cool summer fun. What ever you can think of to beat the summer heat, make sure you cool yourself that is also worth the fun.

Cool Summer Fun

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Secret To Online Success Is No Secret

It has been more than a decade now since the internet became popular. The same thing holds true with ecommerce. Since then, millions of people have also dreamed of making it big through ecommerce. Millions have also throught that they can become rich quickly through the internet. Unfortunately, only a handful of people have achieved their dreamed fortune online.

Business is not for all people. In the same way, ecommerce is not for everybody. Although a handful of entrepreneurs online have achieved some success, the majority have failed - and some of those who failed have thought that ecommerce may be a scam, others have thought that success in ecommerce is simply a hype. It is simply because, they thought ecommerce is easily achievable even without WORK!

Although there may be some business entities online that may provide the so-called "secrets" to success online, there are simply too many people who think that you can quickly achieve your financial success online in a short period of time - which should not be the case. You need to work on your business even in ecommerce. Building a website alone is not enough, it is simply the start of your online presence - you still will have a very long way to go.

Remember, Rome was never built overnight. It took time for Rome to become a successful empire. The same thing holds true with any businesses even your ecommerce business. You may have known all the basics and the secrets to success online, but if you don't apply them to your site or if you cease from applying it, you just won't succeed. Remember, competition also holds true even online. Perhaps you may hold the number 1 spot for a particular keyword in a particular search engine for now. If you cease from marketing your site, in the next few months, other sites will simply occupy that spot where you currently are.

Say for example, if you are number 1 for the keyword "picnic baskets" in Google today and you stopped doing any internet marketing strategy, next month - your website position may drop lower down the page or perhaps to page 2 and onward. On the other hand, other websites will now be occupying the number 1 spot. I remember one mentor who said, knowledge is worth nothing if you do not apply that knowledge into use.

However, there are also those who have applied the knowledge but easily quit in the process. A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits. The secret therefore to online success is to apply into use those basic and secret knowledge you have learned, be persistent and be patient until you reach your goal.

Once you have achieved your goal, keep doing what you have been doing - otherwise, your business competitors will simply overcome you. Your determination to succeed online is basically up to you. Although these factors are important to your success online, are these factors any secret after all?

VMT Singuillo is a freelance writer and an entrepreneur. Some of his subjects include Native American flutes, grandfather clocks, religious gifts and more.
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor recreation is just so important to break monotony in our daily work routine. Many of us are already stressed out with city life that we want to take new challenges as well from the great outdoors.

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How about a simple picnic for you and your family during the weekend. This website provides some picnic baskets if you need one. One of their classic is the Highlander - Red Tartan picnic basket. It brings back the memories of the good old times when families enjoy the outdoors with specially prepared food for a simply picnic on the beach or at the park.

Today, I see some people simply strolling along the beaches with their treasure metal detectors. So, the idea of leisurely walking and finding a treasure is not bad after all. The DISCOVERY Metal Detector is one of this site's quality inexpensive metal detectors that fitted for anyone's budget.

How about making your family join a club camping on a long weekend. Family tents should be prepared then. The site's Mt Adams is a tent that can fit 5 people together. At a cost of less than $100.00, it is worth it going outdoors for some weekend fun.

Fishing is relaxing but can also be "boring". But mind you, if you have the right fishing gear, it is exciting when you experience having a catch. It would be very frustrating when the new fishing rods you bought all broke every time you caught a big fish, isn't it? do provide the fishing tools you need. One of the popular fishing reels they have is the Contoura Star Drag Reel Hi Speed 6.2 to 1 2+1bb 330yd 30lb which is great for big game fishing.

On the other hand, you see people enjoying the breeze on the seas or the lakes with their kayaks. Inflatable kayaks are good idea if you are considering certain space saving issues. The Sea Eagle 330 Kayak Pro Package is the model to go if you are considering to get one at a price below $500.00. Can you imagine yourself blasting down a white water river — spray flying everywhere and your heart beating like a drum? Or can you imagine yourself on a mirror-smooth lake at dawn, slicing the silence with smooth paddle strokes? That certainly is fun and exciting.

But, with whatever outdoor activity you are planning, be prepared for some unexpected emergencies. Always bring your outdoor survival gear with you. If you don't have one, bring the Guardian First Aid Essentials Kit. Be prepared to apply the necessary first aid before the pros arrive. Time element is essential to save someone's life. Worried about anyone getting lost in the woods? Just in case, try to bring a 5-in-1 Survival Whistle (Set of 10) for your young or small club members.

Be safe and have fun going outdoors.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shopping With No Gasoline Expense

With the rising cost of gasoline all over the US, it is high time for consumers to shop wisely. Shopping is fun, but would it be fun if you are paying too high for gasoline expense?

Here are two important tips how you can beat the rising cost of gas by shopping wisely.

1. Know what you are shopping for. Are you going to a mall simply to do window shopping? Well, that certainly would be okay if you don't care about saving some money. For all you know, you may be buying a backpacking tent for a weekend camping from one store in a particular mall in your locality, only to find out that there is a store a few miles away that sells the same kind of tent at a very low price.

Now that you know that the other store sells the same item at a low price, would you be returning the tent you bought and go buy the same tent in the other store? By doing so, aren't you wasting gas on your car mileage? Think about the wear and tear expense on your car as well. Plus, how much is your time worth? Aren't you wasting your time by shopping for the second time for the same kind of product you bought?

It is therefore important to know what you really want to buy so you can go at the right store with the right price that's affordable to your budget.

2. Shop Online At Home. If you have a computer and an internet connection, go online and shop right at the comfort of your home. If you are not in a hurry to get the product you wanted to buy, then shopping online is very convenient and saves you gas, time and the inconvenience of traveling. Simply have the product delivered to your doorstep.

Plus, by shopping online, there are online stores that don't charge you taxes. Example, if you are living in California and you found an online store that is based in Nevada, then generally you will not be paying any California taxes and they won't charge you any taxes either because you are from California. Isn't that savings on taxes and gas? Although you may have to pay for the shipping charges, but try to weigh things - where and how could you save more - buying online or through your local store close by where you will be charged your local state tax plus you need to spend gas for your car.

So, if you are shopping for an aluminum baseball bat to be given as a gift to your nephew two weeks from now, try shopping online instead.

So, with the rising cost of gasoline, can you save some money by shopping wisely?
VMT Singuillo is a freelance writer. Some of his subjects include grandfather clocks, Christain gift, Native American Indian arts and crafts, and more.
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Relaxing In Today's Falling Economy

Gasoline prices has generally reached over $4.00 a galloon all over the U.S. The rest of the commodities will also be increasing in prices. We keep working just to make ends meet, and a lot of us become so stressed out.
What ever season it is, it is important to change gears out of the work place once in a while. Do some outdoor activities to divert your mind from thinking on the many problems that haunt us today.

Going outdoors is a great thing to do. There are just so many activities that you can do outdoors. If you'd love fishing, then go out and go fishing! Take out your fishing gear, and prepare your fishing rods and check if your fishing reels are working. If you don't have any, then buy some new fishing rods for you and your family. It is good to involve your family and or your friends outdoors so it won't be boring for you.

Maybe you can also go camping. Pack up any of your family tents and enjoy nature. Make sure you prepare your camping supplies to avoid unwanted surprises. Make sure to bring an insect repellant, emergency flashlight, hydration packs, enough food, and your list of need things can go on.

Probably you can also go boating. Simply be sure to have the kind of watercraft that you are comfortable using. As a reminder, always wear a life vest when you are out on the waters.

Or, maybe you and your love ones can simply go out on a park or the beach for a picnic during the weekend. Simply fill up your picnic baskets with food and have fun!

Simply do something to relieve your thoughts of the many stressful things you do at work or on your daily routine. Have fun and avoid depression.


You can also meditate and read the Holy Bible to get some spiritual inspiration.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Business in Good Times and Bad Times

Millions of people think that business is good only during those times when the economy is doing good. However, it is unthinkable that there are also businesses that thrive even during the worst of times.

In today's problematic economy, let us try to examine some situations where some businesses
are still making good.

The real estate problem has indeed affected many home owners. Foreclosures seem to be everywhere, and people are loosing their homes. Sales of homes have indeed dropped severely that real estate agents and other real estate related businesses are loosing their jobs and incomes.

On the other hand, because people are loosing their homes, apartment units have become in demand. People certainly have to find a place to stay, thus apartment businesses are thriving real good.

With the rising fuel prices, some automobile companies are loosing businesses. But some automobile companies have experienced higher sales. Fuel efficient cars have become very much in demand, while automobile companies that sell trucks and SUV's that consume too much
gas are loosing a lot of sales.

It cannot be denied that both in good times and bad times, there will always be both winners and losers. Therefore, there is wisdom in the axiom that says, do not put all your eggs in one basket. There is wisdom in diversifying your business.

While it is true that focusing on one type of business is good, you also run the risk of loosing your business during those times when your business is not in demand. So, if you plan to put up two different companies selling only SUV's, what happens in times like these today?

Therefore, if you have plans of building two or three different businesses, perhaps it would be wise to select two or three types of different business ventures. Or maybe involve yourself in selling two or three different types of products. Perhaps you may have a retail business while the other one is a business dealing on an affiliate program.

No wonder there are people who work for one company and at the same time join a home business opportunity instead of taking on a second job. Maybe they woudl be selling Max GXL on the side.

Simply put it this way, there will always be good times and bad times. And in whatever situation, some businesses will be able to thrive in it.
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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Watching NBA Championship Live

Now that the Los Angeles Lakers have made it to the NBA Championship finals, people in Los Angeles have become excited to watch the games live. However, it is very discouraging to note that ticket rates for the finals are a lot more expensive than the ticket rates during the regular season. But do you think it is worth watching it live?
On the other hand, my son and I wanted to watch it. But I was shocked to know that even one week before the games would come over here at Los Angeles, all the tickets for all three basketball games scheduled here in Los Angeles have already been sold out.
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Traveling Considerations To Beat Rising Gasoline Costs

People who certainly love to travel may find it very challenging to cut costs with today's rising gasoline prices. Imagine if you are traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, how much are you gonna be spending on gas alone with your car with the current gasoline costs in California which is averaging at $4 a gallon?

To those travelers who prefer to rent a car for travel, it is also high time to consider the gas mileage of the car you may want to rent. In consideration, is it worth to rent a hybrid car or a regular car. Is it worth to rent an SUV or a car with a mileage of 60 miles a gallon?

Traveling on hot summer days should also be given consideration. You will be using frequently the air conditioning system of your car which may affect the fuel consumption of your car as well, isn't it? So would it be worth your while to travel during the hot seasons, or can you postpone it some other time.

On the other hand, would it be worth driving your own car as compared to traveling on a bus? Will your gas expense be worth the inconvenience you may experience commuting? If you have the patience to commute, then commute on long distances, and rent a car at the city of your destination. Which is cheaper to travel long distances - to travel by bus or to ride on a plane?

Drivers now also flock to Costco gasoline stations because they have lower gasoline prices. Do you have a Costco membership card? Do you think it is worth it to be a Costco member now? So when traveling long distances, can you find a Costco gasoline station along the way?

Part of traveling considerations would be finding a place to stay while considering some savings. No wonder many travelers are now searching for cheap hotel rates, cheap motels, or even budget hotels. So, should you be traveling on long weekends, or on regular days? Remember, hotel rates in some states may have different hotel rates on weekends as compared to week days.

Lastly, the best thing to do when traveling is to simply use your common sense which is not very common today.
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VMT Singuillo is a freelance writer and conducts search engine optimization consulting.
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Monday, June 02, 2008

Don't Believe That Rising Gas Prices Has No Impact On Commodities

Gasoline has finally reached $4.00 a gallon in the Southern California area. The rising gas prices is not just in one locality but worldwide. You can read it in the newspapers - people are protesting against rising costs of gas.

When gas prices increase, transportation costs increases. That certainly include bus fares, as well as the cost of transporting goods from one city to another. So even if a simple commodity such as paper that is being transported from long distances, this will certainly increase the cost of this paper. And so a chain reaction could occur. The raw materials and the ingredients in making a paper can increase in cost due to the effect of rising transportation costs. So, production costs in making a paper can also naturally increase. Even the price of a simple scrapbook paper could be expected to rise in the near future.

Even the cost of a postage stamp has just increased recently. Prices of food will naturally increase as well. Even a nursing uniform could rise in prices soon. No wonder nurses are now even buying a discount scrubs set.

Prices of commodities will rise. But how about our salaries? Our salaries are indeed very slow to increase. No wonder other people are simply looking for a home business opportunity to augment their financial resources.

So, are we now in recession?

2008 NBA Championship Games

For the basketball enthusiasts, the NBA has become the ultimate basketball games to watch. The 2008 Western Conference champions belong to the Los Angeles Lakers while the 2008 Eastern Conference Champions are the Boston Celtics.

Experts say that these two teams have been rivals for more than 20 years. Today they meet again and are both hungry to become NBA champions. Both teams are really very good teams. A basketball fan from Los Angeles may be biased to say that the Lakers are the best, while another basketball fan from Boston may also be biased to say that the Celtics are the best.

But since no human being can read the future, we just don't really know who will become the NBA champions this year. Only time can tell. But this does not literally mean that you have to look at your large wall clocks.

These championship games would certainly be very very good to watch live in both their respective home courts. But if you are not from Los Angeles and it will be your first time to go to LA, do you have a place to stay? What about going to Boston? Or are you planning to simply stay in a cheap motel to save some costs? Better plan way ahead of time. Try to visit for some suggested hotel services for your planning.

However, whatever your favorite team, may the best team win the 2008 NBA Championship finals.
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