Friday, July 04, 2008

July 4 Long Week-end To Do List

With the July 4 holiday, it's a long week-end again. Most regular workers in the US who usually work from Monday to Friday will have 3 days of rest instead which are this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In case you do not know what to do on a long week-end like these, here are a few outdoor suggestions.

1. Fishing - Because it is summertime, it is great to go fishing. If you want to go fishing on a lake, prepare the right fishing gear you have. If you are planning to go deep sea fishing or simply along the seas or pier, make sure you have the right salt water fishing gear.

Here are some tips you might want to consider:

Fishing reels used in deep sea fishing may differ from the ones being used in lake fishing or conventional fishing methods. Some of the popular fishing reels include the Zebco fishing reels, Penn reels, Okuma reels, and a lot more. Simply choose what you need for your fishing plans. An example of a good deep sea fishing reel is the Sealine SL-X Series Ultra High Speed 6.1 to 1 310yd 40lb version by Daiwa.

When you engage yourself in deep sea fishing, you and your companions might need to bring along some fishing belts or fighting belts. These belts are useful to leverage your force when you catch big game fish. Not only that, it can serve as a protection for your abdomen from the pressure of the lower end of your rod when maneuvering your big catch.

If you are only used to fishing along the shores and you plan to go deep sea fishing, you might need to have some new fishing rods. This is because deep sea fishing rods are different from the ordinary ones that you use for regular fishing.

If you go fishing with children, you might want to get some fishing rod and reel combos for them. Fishing combos are great for starters like kids and very practical for your budget. One example is the 202LE Spincast Combo 202 reel w/ 5'6" fiberglass rod. For the very young ones, you might want the Floating Spongebob Youth Flatboard Combo.

If you want to learn more about fishing, you might want to read more about sport fishing books too.

2. Family Camping - Because most students are on vacation on summer time, it is also great to go camping with the whole family. Or perhaps visit some national parks such as Yosemite where camping is also allowed.

Simply make sure you bring everything you might need and be prepared in advance.
Although you may bring one of your family tents, don't forget to bring your sleeping bag. There are so many bugs out there in the wild, so it is advisable to bring along an insect repellant as well.

With camping, always remember you will need to cook some of your food as well. For fire prevention purposes, you can not just build fires on the ground for cooking. Cook responsibly using a camping stove. The most common ones now is the propane stove. An example of which is the Two Burner Piezo Stove with Drip Pan by Stansport.

You do not just go camping for nothing. This is the best time to observe nature as well. During the daytime, you can simply use any binoculars such as compact binoculars to observe nature at a distance. If you do not have one, get one for your self at a good price. One product recommend is the 12x50mm Full Size Clam Pack Binocular by BSA Optics because you can get it as low as $43.95 only today.

At night time, you can observe nature with the use of night vision binoculars. Although they cost more than the regular binoculars, if you have the budget and you can afford one, you might want the Night Jaguar Night Vision Binocular which you can get at a sale for $489.00 at

Most importantly, you need to bring some first aid kit or emergency supplies for your camping. Be prepared because anything can happen. An example is the Pro II First Aid Kit which you can get at a very low affordable price.

3. Boating - Even some camping sites may have areas where you can also enjoy boating. Inflatable boats are very practical to bring along, anywhere. If you have your speed boat, go use it, take it out of its parking place from your home. If you have a yatch, go out sailing. However, if you categorize yourself to be among the weekend boaters on a budget, then invest in an inflatable boat where you do not spend a five to six figure expense. An example is the Sea Eagle SE6 Motormount Boat Fishermans Dream Package by Sea Eagle.

An alternative enjoyable water activity is kayaking. Bring your kayak with you. Although some people may complain that it is too bulky to carry on their vehicles, inflatable kayaks for sale are now available. An example is the Sea Eagle 330 Kayak Pro Package which cost only as low as $339.95 at

Another water activity that is becoming popular are the wakeboards. It looks similar to a surfboard, but it is becoming popular with teens and young adults. While riding on the wakeboard, you can be towed by a speedboat too.

In all water activities, always think of safety as well. Bring life vests for you and your family.

4. War games - There are young adults who may be tired of playing war games in computers. Your friends and family members can be one of them. On the other hand, there are also those who love to experience fun in war games without the loss of actual lives in real war. Where it is legal, playing with airsoft guns in war games is fun to do during long weekends too. As a caution, play responsibly and observe local and federal laws regarding the use of air soft guns.

The reason an airsoft gun is exciting to play with is that it looks and feels real. It simply uses plastic Bb bullets. There are airsoft rifles and airsoft pistols which you can use for target shooting. An example of a rifle that you can use in this sport is the TSD Sports Line M4A1 or the TSD Tactical AK47 AEG both by TSD Tactical.

One advantage for outdoor war games compared to simply playing in the computer is that you do not become sedentary. Outdoors, you get to run, hide and flex your muscles. Play only in areas where it is allowed and legal to engage in this activity - otherwise, people seeing you might mistakenly call the police officers.

There are many other outdoor wholesome activities that you can think of. But what
ever it is, be safe and enjoy.

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