Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Road Not Taken In Business

There are some people who love to do business, but they hesitated somewhere down the road. There are also those who are searching for a business venture that has not yet been made into business. But looking at businesses today, do you know of any possible business that has not yet been done under the sun?

Let us say you'd like to sell burgers. Do you think you will succeed knowing that there are already big burger chains that are in existence today? Can you compete with them? What makes your burger unique that people will love to eat your burger? Hmmm.

How about doing a business involved with car rentals perhaps. Well, there are already car rental businesses that are operating almost every where today. Can you afford to join the competition?

Somehow, when a particular product is already in the market and is selling good, a lot of entrepreneurs would like to join in simply because it has already become popular and is in demand. Somehow, time will come that they may regret to know that there's too much competition going on and they start to quit.

However, if a non-popular product is being introduced to these entrepreneurs, they would hesitate to sell the product when in fact there's not much competition with it. Except for a certain few, it is not any wonder why many people do not want to do business with Saladmaster. But these few people are those who have seen the big picture of the business and are now successful in it.

In business, your decision making is very critical. What business should you invest in, what business structure do you use, how do you advertise your product, etc, etc - and these are things that need to be decided by you the business owner.

Have you ever read the poem by Robert Frost entitled "The Road Not Taken?" It relates about two roads that diverge in a yellow wood, but the traveler could not travel both at the same time. And the he did not even know where this road may lead. However, he needs to make a decision which road to take. But the traveler finally decided to walk on the road less traveled.

In business, sometimes it takes guts to take on a business that is not very popular. Business is risky, that's why only a few would dare go in it. But in most instances, playing safe would lead you nowhere either. But look at successful businesses today, those who started them are pioneers that took the risk and they dared to take the road less traveled by.


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