Sunday, June 29, 2008

US Boxer Diaz Defeated By Philippine's Pacquiao

June 28, 2008 was an exciting night of boxing battle at Mandalay Bay of Las Vegas - the battle of champions between the defending WBC Lightweight Champion David Diaz of Chicago, Illinois, USA versus the current WBC Super Featherweight Champion Manny Pacquiao from General Santos City, Philippines.

Although it was Pacquiao's first fight in the lightweight division, David Diaz was so much overwhelmed by the super speed punches of the Filipino boxer. Diaz was knocked out at the 9th round of this 12-round fight.

Pacquiao is now the first Asian and the first Filipino boxer to win titles in 4 different weight divisions in boxing. He has won titles in junior feather weight, feather weight, junior light weight and now the light weight division.

Diaz, a former member of the 1996 US Olympic team, was badly battered on this second defense of his light weight division title. Less than 1 minute before the end of round 2, he sustained a cut on his nose bridge which made the fight a very bloody one. On round 4, he sustained a right cut on his right eye which gave him a very bloody face looking like a red painted masked face.

Also on round 4, the very determined Diaz started to have a hematoma or a black eye on his left eye with swollen lip. On the 8th round, a huge swelling can be seen on the left eyebrow of the US fighter. Referee Vic Drakulich halted the fight in two occasions, namely round 4 and 6, for the doctors to examine the bleeding cuts of Diaz.

Pacquiao won all eight rounds with the judges. It was a superbly brilliant display by Pacquiao making his combination of upper cuts and right hooks that overwhelmed Diaz. The fight was officially stopped by the referee at 2:24 of the 9th round when Diaz fell hard face down on the canvass.

Diaz was unable to stand immediately and Pacquiao even attempted to help the US fighter stand up on his feet. After the fight, Diaz was reportedly brought to Valley Hospital for suturing of wounds.

This fight made Pacquaio prove himself entitled as the best pound for pound boxing fighter. After the 6th round, even Diaz commented to his trainer, "I can handle his punches, it's just too fast."

During the interview with the boxers, the friendly and very sportsman Diaz commented, "Ya, he was too fast ... fast, fast, fast. He even joked, "...I thought Freedie was there ... cutting me too" "I thought he (Pacquiao) had a knife with him though...he was fast than what I expected."

Could it be possible that Diaz could be thinking Pacquiao's gloves look like a hunting knife to him? Whatever his thoughts are, Pacquiao simply proved that even at 135 pound weight, he is looking even stronger than ever. Pacquiao finished the fight with an unblemished face as the new WBC Light Weight champion.
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