Monday, March 09, 2009

Birthday Gifts For Men

Birthday Gifts For Men

I was searching some malls in the Los Angeles area hoping to see something unique as a birthday gift for a teen nephew of mine.

But somehow, I saw many fascinating things too that I never thought existed. I thought perhaps I might look for some of the classic board games that might interest teens. Thus, I came upon a store that sells chess sets. What amazed me is that there are an assorted variety of chess now-a-days.

Aside from the usual wooden chess sets that I have known since I was in my younger years, there is now what is called themed chess sets! This is a very unusual thing I thought! But I was told that usually collectors buy them.

For example, a long time fan of Elvis Presley may buy an Elvis Presley chess set as part of his collection. I know my dad loves some memorabilia about Elvis but I just never realized that some company would come up with an idea of an Elvis Presley chess set.

Another unique chess set I have seen is a golf chess set. Can you really imagine a golf player to be playing chess? Or perhaps because of his love for golf, a golf player may also collect a golf themed chess set.

Good news for people who love dogs, there is also a dog chess set. For those who love basketball, there is also a basketball chess set. While for those who love sailing, there is also such a thing as nautical chess set. Aren't these things amazing?

It's really worth looking around to see what's new out there. I'm still thinking if I should purchase a civil war chess set as a gift.
Birthday gifts for men

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