Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Native American Collectibles

Native American Collectibles

For those who love and admire the Native American culture, I have found that there are people who have made a collection of anything Native American. Some of the favorite things that they collect are kachina dolls, Native American Indian artifacts which may include Indian tomahawk, Indian peace pipe, plus the expensive Native American pottery.

On the other hand, there are also those who love to wear and collect smaller items like the Navajo bolo ties, the Navajo silver belt buckles, a Native American Indian bracelet or some other Indian jewelry items. Perhaps this could be attributed to their cultural connections or simply for the admiration of the Native American culture.

To those who love to collect musical instruments, I'd like to challenge you. Perhaps you can also add some Native American flutes as part of your collections. Some people love the unique sound of these musical instruments. Plus they may come in different colors and attached to it may be a totem which may differ from one Native American flute to another.

Today, as you travel from one state to another in the U.S. or if you happen to pass by New Mexico, you may find some stores that sell Native American products as souvenir items such as an Indian dream catcher, Indian mandela, or the beautiful and colorful Indian headdress.

It is worth collecting these items especially if you are a tourist in the US. After all, Native Americans are a unique culture belonging to America. To promote, preserve and protect the Native American culture, the Department of Interior in the US has even made statutes to protect Native American arts as there are already imitations that have also flooded the market today. So beware of imitations too especially those made from China.

By the way, when I write the word "Indian" in this article, I am simply referring to the Native Americans. I am not referring to the people of India.

With the advancement of technology today, you do not need to be present in the US to be able to purchase Native American collectibles. Some online stores are also available today which include www.nativeamericanindians.net that can readily ship these items to you if you are not able to visit the United States of America or if you are in the US but are not able to find and visit some of these local stores that promote Native American products.


Some other Native American products that are available today include:

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