Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When Locked Out of Your Home

What would you do if you have been locked out of your home? No sweat, you can just simply call a family member to come home and open the house for you, right?
But suppose you are living alone in your house, or maybe you are alone for the week because your spouse is out of town for a business trip or for whatever reason, and you come home late at night and you found out you couldn't find your key to your house. What would you do?
Here are some possible things you could do:
  • Break the door of your house.
  • Simply sleep outside the door of your house.
  • Go to a motel to sleep and pay somewhere from $20.00 - $100 or more.
  • Call a friend to stay at your friends house for the night.
  • Call a locksmith and pay at least $50.00 for opening your door.
These suggestions doesn't seem to be good at all because either the outcome would be too expensive, and/or your time will be wasted, or you have to disturb some people.
Here's another scenario. You are one hour away from your house, or you are in a very, very, very important meeting. Your spouse or your child calls you that they cannot come in to the house because they lost or misplaced their key. You are the only one now who has the key to the house. What will you do?
Both circumstances will certainly give you stress, isn't it? Here's a simple solution that I have discovered. Would it be a good idea to keep a spare key somewhere outside of your house that is hidden and unknown to anybody except you and your immediate family members?
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