Sunday, April 16, 2006

Grandfather Clocks Online Review

Grandfather clocks are generally known to be very expensive furnitures. It used to be that only the wealthy people can afford to buy a grandfather clock. Today, even a middle income family can now own a heirloom grandfather clock.

There are actually 4 types of grandfather clocks today. These types differ mainly on the movement or the clock mechanism that each type uses.
The first type uses a keywind mechanism. It is the simplest form of grandfather clock because it simply uses a key to turn on the clock's spring mechanism inside. You have to wind the clock either once or twice a month. It's working pendulum basically regulates the speed of the time. However, the weights at its sides are simply decorative. The chimes usually are just a simple monotone chime. These types of clocks are the most affordable ones as they can range from discounted prices of $139.95 - $200.00. The Madison grandfther clock shown here belongs to this category. Set-up is easy.

The second type uses a quartz movement. When we say quartz, it is battery powered. No winding is necessary therefore the clock keeps going for months for as long as the battery has energy. Its weights are also merely decorative. Its pendulum still swings but it has nothing to do with the time speed control. In other words, the swinging pendulum is simply decorative as well. Quartz grandfather clocks may have musical chimes such as the Westminster chime or the Ave Maria chime. And its chime may be reduced at night or it may be controlled to chime every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes or simply every hour. These types of clocks are still affordable but a little more expensive than the keywind clocks because they may have more features in them. Prices can range from discounted prices of $300.00 to $600. Set-up is easy. The Everglade Walnut Finish Grandfather clock featured here is one such example in this category.

The 3rd and the 4th types of grandfather clocks are the chain-driven movement clocks and the cable-driven grandfather clocks. I simply grouped them as one as they have very similar features. Both are completely mechanically controlled clocks. The weights in both types of clocks are functional - which makes the clock run. However, the cable driven clock's weights mechanically go up and down and it usually has 3 weights. You may need to wind these clocks at least once a week. Although these clocks are very heavy clocks, they are also very delicate. Thus, they require proper set-up by the grandfather clock experts. Most manufacturers install mechanically controlled chimes as well which can be regulated. These are the types of clocks that cost by the thousands of dollars. The Orlando Grandfather Clock featured here is an example of a Cable-driven grandfather clock.

To find these clocks online, one site that sells them all is Factors that can influence you on your choice - whether it is the price or wheter it would be the features - it is up to you.

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