Monday, April 03, 2006

American Indian Artifacts

I remember when I was just a young boy, I usually watch cowbow movies. Aside from being a cowbow, I also wanted to be a Native American Indian too with their bow and arrows!

Of course, as a grown up, I've learned that you can't play two roles at the same time. But my travel through Arizona and New Mexico reminded me of my childhood fantasies.

During my travel, I actually happened to stop by a store selling Native American Indian artifacts. It fascinated me to learn that really the American Indians use natural materials in nature just to make a bow and arrow. For example, a bow may be wrapped with leather and Native Americans don't use an ordinary string in a bow - but they use an animal derived material called sinew.

Since I don't travel this route quite often, I bought myself a bow and arrow as a souvenir. But later I found a site where I can also purchase other native American Indian artifacts. It is found at

Now, even if I can't go through Arizona or New Mexico, I know where to purchase Native American Indian artifacts.

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