Thursday, April 13, 2006

Downloadable Ebooks

If music and documents can be digitalized, can you guess what else can be converted in electronic form? Books. Can you believe it? Yes I said it right - books. The electronic form of books are called an ebooks.

A new breed of writers now simply publish their books in ebook form. Therefore, there are now new ebooks that are not available in your library or bookstores as they are only available through the internet. Ebooks have their advantages over the usual books that are in your shelves.

With the creation of ebooks, writers can save money in the production costs which include the costs of paper, printing cost, and delivery cost. To the readers and buyers, when they buy ebooks online, it is delivered to them immediately as it is simply downloadable. Of course, if you'd like to collect books, with ebooks - book shelves are eliminated as you can simply save ebooks in your computers as digital files. A great space saving advantage - isn't it?

Today, most ebooks that you purchase online are in pdf format. Being in pdf format, if you need to access it, you actually do not need to access the internet. And you can save it even in your portable disks or send it to your home somewhere by attaching it to your emails.

Listed below are interesting ebook topics that you might want to read and or collect (the links are clickable for you):



Crafts & Hobbies:

Religion and Philosophy:




We shall be listing more soon, so you are always welcome to come back and read this post. Or better still, save it in your favorites list.

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