Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Traveling Considerations To Beat Rising Gasoline Costs

People who certainly love to travel may find it very challenging to cut costs with today's rising gasoline prices. Imagine if you are traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, how much are you gonna be spending on gas alone with your car with the current gasoline costs in California which is averaging at $4 a gallon?

To those travelers who prefer to rent a car for travel, it is also high time to consider the gas mileage of the car you may want to rent. In consideration, is it worth to rent a hybrid car or a regular car. Is it worth to rent an SUV or a car with a mileage of 60 miles a gallon?

Traveling on hot summer days should also be given consideration. You will be using frequently the air conditioning system of your car which may affect the fuel consumption of your car as well, isn't it? So would it be worth your while to travel during the hot seasons, or can you postpone it some other time.

On the other hand, would it be worth driving your own car as compared to traveling on a bus? Will your gas expense be worth the inconvenience you may experience commuting? If you have the patience to commute, then commute on long distances, and rent a car at the city of your destination. Which is cheaper to travel long distances - to travel by bus or to ride on a plane?

Drivers now also flock to Costco gasoline stations because they have lower gasoline prices. Do you have a Costco membership card? Do you think it is worth it to be a Costco member now? So when traveling long distances, can you find a Costco gasoline station along the way?

Part of traveling considerations would be finding a place to stay while considering some savings. No wonder many travelers are now searching for cheap hotel rates, cheap motels, or even budget hotels. So, should you be traveling on long weekends, or on regular days? Remember, hotel rates in some states may have different hotel rates on weekends as compared to week days.

Lastly, the best thing to do when traveling is to simply use your common sense which is not very common today.
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