Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cool Summer Fun

Cool Summer Fun

Just recently, Southern California had been hit by a heat wave. Temperatures reached as high as 108 degrees Fahrenheit and some localities had no electrical current because of the overload of electrical use by many different homes.

In occasions like this, can you have fun and escape the pangs of hot summer? Certainly you still can. Turn on your home airconditioner and simply do indoor activities. The problem is you will certainly have increased electricity bills. Can you afford to have more electricity bills amidst the rising cost of gasoline?

If your home is just a few miles away from the beaches or the lakes, you can certainly escape the heat of summer. The cooler breezes can ease out the hot temperatures. So take a break by going outdoors near the beaches or lakes.

Here are a few suggestions on what you can do on the weekends this summer:

1. Have a family picnic. If you are single, do a picnic with friends and relatives. Be sure to bring along some outdoor shelters or beach shelters if you are going to the beach. If you are going to beaches with "built-in" tables and benches, you can even buy the Tripod Shelter which is a nice portable shelter that you can easily install.

Of course, any picnic won't be fun without any food. So be sure to fill up your picnic basket with enough food and delicacies. And do not forget to bring water. So bring along your water coolers or fill up your hydration packs with enough cool water.

2. Do some water activities at the lakes or the beaches. Go out swimming if you can. However, just a caution, be extra careful of swimming in areas known with shark attacks, okay? Use your judgement on this. If you have a wakeboard, go take it out and enjoy yourself. You may have an inflatable boat, bring it along and enjoy some rowing.

Maybe you have an inflatable kayak or you know of someone who owns some small catamarans, then borrow one or rent one to enjoy outdoor sailing or fishing too. Just in case you might want to own a very handy inflatable kayak, try the Travel Kayak 10' 3" 2 person kayak which is very reasonably priced.

As a reminder, do not forget to wear your life vests when riding any watercraft.

3. Go fishing along the piers. You have seen some anglers along the piers taking the time to relax and making themselves being productive by getting a catch. So take your fishing gear with you and have fun while cooling yourself this summer at the pier. Bring any of your tackle boxes, maybe at least two fishing rods, and make sure your fishing reels are working properly. One of the best available fishing reels today is the Black Gold Spinning Reel 9.5oz 160yd 6lb by Daiwa.

4. How about treasure hunting along the sea shore or along the beaches while strolling. Well, if you have a treasure metal detector, then use it. Who knows, you might be lucky to find some precious hidden treasure along the sands of the beach. The Discovery Metal Detector is a good quality instrument that you can buy for yourself at less than $200.00 for a sale price! It is worth the investment because its price can even be way down the price of the treasure you will find while simply cooling yourself this summer.

These are just a few of the the activities you can do to have a cool summer fun. What ever you can think of to beat the summer heat, make sure you cool yourself that is also worth the fun.

Cool Summer Fun

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