Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Secret To Online Success Is No Secret

It has been more than a decade now since the internet became popular. The same thing holds true with ecommerce. Since then, millions of people have also dreamed of making it big through ecommerce. Millions have also throught that they can become rich quickly through the internet. Unfortunately, only a handful of people have achieved their dreamed fortune online.

Business is not for all people. In the same way, ecommerce is not for everybody. Although a handful of entrepreneurs online have achieved some success, the majority have failed - and some of those who failed have thought that ecommerce may be a scam, others have thought that success in ecommerce is simply a hype. It is simply because, they thought ecommerce is easily achievable even without WORK!

Although there may be some business entities online that may provide the so-called "secrets" to success online, there are simply too many people who think that you can quickly achieve your financial success online in a short period of time - which should not be the case. You need to work on your business even in ecommerce. Building a website alone is not enough, it is simply the start of your online presence - you still will have a very long way to go.

Remember, Rome was never built overnight. It took time for Rome to become a successful empire. The same thing holds true with any businesses even your ecommerce business. You may have known all the basics and the secrets to success online, but if you don't apply them to your site or if you cease from applying it, you just won't succeed. Remember, competition also holds true even online. Perhaps you may hold the number 1 spot for a particular keyword in a particular search engine for now. If you cease from marketing your site, in the next few months, other sites will simply occupy that spot where you currently are.

Say for example, if you are number 1 for the keyword "picnic baskets" in Google today and you stopped doing any internet marketing strategy, next month - your website position may drop lower down the page or perhaps to page 2 and onward. On the other hand, other websites will now be occupying the number 1 spot. I remember one mentor who said, knowledge is worth nothing if you do not apply that knowledge into use.

However, there are also those who have applied the knowledge but easily quit in the process. A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits. The secret therefore to online success is to apply into use those basic and secret knowledge you have learned, be persistent and be patient until you reach your goal.

Once you have achieved your goal, keep doing what you have been doing - otherwise, your business competitors will simply overcome you. Your determination to succeed online is basically up to you. Although these factors are important to your success online, are these factors any secret after all?

VMT Singuillo is a freelance writer and an entrepreneur. Some of his subjects include Native American flutes, grandfather clocks, religious gifts and more.
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