Friday, May 23, 2008

10 Successful Goal Settings

In any endeavors we will have, we always need to have a goal to be able to reach an achievement. Whether as a student, in business, and anywhere in life, we need to know of a successful way of goal setting.

Here are the most basic ones that you need to consider.

1. Knowing Your Goals. Try to identify goals that you want to achieve. Write it down on a piece of paper or in your notebook and keep looking at it to keep you reminded.

2. Be Specific. Write down specific goals. Don't write goals in general terms such as "Being a millionaire in the near future". Perhaps you could say, "I will have a monthly net income of $10,000 a month."

3. Measurable Goals. Make goals that can be counted in figures. These figures can be in terms of money, dates, or anything you can count. Example, "I will achieve grades of B and above this semester".

4. Make Time LImitations. Goal setting involve making your goals with time limitations. Example, I should be able to accomplish 7 sales by the end of this month.

5. Achievable Goals. Make goals that you think you can achieve at your own limitations. It means to say that you focus on your goals that you are capable of doing based on your ability and present skills. Example, don't make a goal of achieving a sales of $100,000 next month when you are only able to make an average of $10,000 a month.

6. List Down Any Known Obstacle. By listing down any obstacles that you know can hinder you to reach a target, it means knowing them as well. By knowing these obstacles, you can then make plans to overcome these obstacles.

7. List Your Contacts. Listing your contacts refers to resources and people who can help you achieve your goals. These people can be your relatives, professors and mentors, successful business professionals, government officials, and a lot more that are available out there.

8. Know the must-have skills that you need. Know your capability. With your present skills, do you need to take an extra course to achieve an extra skill? Do you need to have a masters degree or a doctorate degree? Do you need to have an extra training for sales?

9. List Down the Benefits of Your Goal Achievement. What will your goals give you? Will it improve your present living condition? Will it make you the best in your class and thus attract more employment offers? If I make healthy cooking everyday, will I be free from being sickly within six months?

10. Write Your Action Plan. Having a goal without acting on it is just like day dreaming. Start to make an action plan and start acting on it as soon as you can. Best of all, take action every single day and live up to your commitment in achieving your goal.
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