Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Facts About Faith

Faith is a big word to mention. I say big because it takes a lot of guts for someone to have faith. In fact, faith is related to the word "belief" or "believe".

Fact to matter is that faith is related mostly in religious terms. An example of which is faith in God. Faith in essence is just an abstract thing. This is because faith can mean believing in something that you have not even seen.

For example, do you believe that wind exist? But you can not see the wind. The wind can give a good feeling. And it can create so much destruction too when it is windy. Do you then believe that God exists? Do you have faith that God can bless you?

In the Christian world, Jesus asked, can He find faith in this world when He comes? Can we have faith even as small as a mustard seed? Indeed, it takes a lot of guts for someone to have faith in a God that has not been seen by anyone except Moses.

In the business world, faith can also be applicable. Do you have faith that a certain system can work? For example, I attended a seminar on internet marketing. In that seminar, the speakers claimed that anything can be sold over on the internet. Even a tumble weed can be sold - the buyers are usually western movie companies. But they did not say that anything can be easily sold through the internet.

As time went on, some people complained that internet marketing doesn't work. It did not work for them. However, I have also seen some people succeed in their internet marketing ventures. The fact that some people did succeed, it meant the system works. It's just that to have faith in a particular system, you also need to be patient and be persistent enough. Therefore, another fact of having faith in a particular system means that you need to have patience and persistence. So, do you believe that you can sell some large wall clocks over in the internet? How about an audio Bible?

In many instances, most people do not have faith. This is simply because most of us want to see something IMMEDIATELY. We want to see results IMMEDIATELY. No wonder many people become an easy prey for "quick rich schemes". In retrospect, for those who succeeded in a certain business system, did they apply mostly what they were suppose to do for their business venture? How about those who failed? On the other hand, did the successful ones correctly apply what they were suppose to do? What about those who failed?

Quitting is something that is very easy to do. In fact, quitting is something that many loosers always do. Do you remember the axiom that says, "Winners never quit. Quitters never win." In essence, we can always say that winners have the faith, the patience, and the persistence.

Another fact about faith is determination. Most people who have faith have strong determination in life. Christians who have strong faith in God have the strong determination to go to heaven, right or wrong? Students who have faith in themselves, have strong determination to succeed in school and in their careers.

Now, do you have faith as small as a mustard seed? Do you have faith that you can be successful in life by selling saladmaster cookware?
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