Friday, May 30, 2008

A Dream Come To Come True?

During the Shaquille - Kobe era, the Lakers won three NBA championships. All of a sudden, the team was haunted by a dry spell of misfortune. No championships, O'Neal left, Jackson left, a new coach was in, new faces on the team came and had gone, Jackson was rehired as a coach, Kobe wanted to be traded - things just seemed hopeless not just for the Lakers team but even for the avid fans.

Perhaps everyone in Los Angeles were dreaming hoping this season would simply be different. The start of 2008 NBA season seemed no different than the rest of those dry-season-no-championship spell for the Lakers. With the hope of removing any bad lingering dreams, has anyone started using and believing any Native American dream catchers?

With some twist and turn of events, somehow some positive things seem to have bloomed for the Los Angeles Lakers. A ray of hope seemed to appear somewhere on the horizon - Gasol was added to the team, Fisher is back, the rest of the players are stepping up, the team made it to the play-offs, Kobe became the regular season MVP, and the team defeated their western conference opponents that came their way one at a time. Finally, May 29, 2008 they became the Western Conference NBA champions! They made it!

But wait, don't get too excited yet. Being the Western Conference NBA champions was not the ultimate dream of the team and the Lakers fans, was it? There is still the NBA Championship finals. No single human being has the power to see the future. But the Lakers and the Laker fans are now certainly thrilled that this team have made it to the NBA championship finals.

With or without the use of any Indian dream catcher, there is a ray of hope among the Lakers and their fans that this team will be the 2008 NBA champions. There is hope that their dream to become the NBA champions will come true once more.
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