Monday, May 12, 2008

Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing

Specialization is a word that brings a lot of money to certain businesses. Both in the real world around us, as well as in the online world, specialization dominates in many aspects. In business, this so-called specialty business can be called niche marketing.

Say for example among physicians. The medical specialists have more money than general practitioners. Medical specialists are highly regarded by patients more than general practitioners. Business is better with cardiologists, neurosurgeons, pediatricians, and other medical specialists as compared to general practitioners.

In the brick and mortar stores, although certain malls and department stores are certainly bigger, specialty stores can even be flocked more with customers. However, in the online world, online malls do not generally succeed.

With the existence of search engines, people do not try to search for an online mall first in the search engine before looking for a product. People simply search directly for the product that they want - like a blood pressure monitor or an audio Bible.

In other words, niche marketing is the best way to go in the online world. With niche marketing, you can use highly selected keywords that go with your products. Some e-commerce stores that have themes in them, use keywords that are highly related to their themes.

So, if your e-commerce store is related to Native American Indian products, you can use such keywords as horsehair pottery or even kachina dolls. I have known a website that has a niche on wedding favors and its owner is now making a very lucrative income.

However, not all niches can bring a lucrative income. Therefore, look for a certain product that are highly in demand. A certain product which is in high demand can bring in much money to your pocket than one that is not. However, I must also warn you that with products which are in high demand, there could be a very stiff competition which can be very challenging. Although these high demand products can bring in much success IF you succeed, it can also bring a lot of frustration to those who are new to the e-commerce business.

Another reason why niche marketing would be very advantageous to you as an online marketer is your knowledge and familiarity of the products. So if you are a nurse and you'd probably want to create an online business, perhaps you can sell medical scrubs.

So, have you now thought of a certain niche for your business?
Niche Marketing

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