Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Blind Beggar

I have a friend who just doesn't seem to run out of funny stories. Although this story is simply a humorous one, it is not intended to hurt anyone - but it is simply related to provide humor.

The setting is in one of the poor countries in the world. A passerby happended to walk around a corner of a street where a blind beggar was waiting - begging for alms. The passerby simply took a coin from his pocket and tried to toss the coin to the beggar's hand.

Unfortunately, the coin did not land on the beggar's hand and it simply landed on the cemented pavement and it rolled a certain distance. To the amazement of the donor, he saw the beggar crawl precisely following the coin. The beggar got the coin without difficulty locating the money.

So the passerby confronted the beggar, "Why are you begging when you are not really blind?"

Surprised that he had been caught, the beggar replied, "I'm sorry, I am just a proxy for the day."

"So where is the real beggar?", the passerby continued.

The proxy beggar simply replied, "This is his off day today, so he went to the movies."


P.S.The poor blind beggar had only one blind eye.
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