Monday, March 13, 2006

Avoid Jet Lag

As a traveller, can you avoid jet lag? Perhaps if you are simply travelling within a small region of the globe, one could not experience the problems of jet lag.

For international travellers, jet lag poses a great problem especially when you are involved with a hectic schedule for your travel. People who travel from the Far East to the US certainly would feel the effect of a jet lag. Of course a jet lag can be felt mostly with air travel. This is because of the change of your biorhythm.

It would be difficult for you to concentrate when you are going to attend a conference during the daytime upon your arrival from a 16-hour travel. You would not even look healthy when you are suffering from a jet lag.

But avoiding jet lag is not impossible for you. The ebook Avoiding Jet Lag provides important solutions for travellers. Thus, if you are planning for a long air travel, it is better for you to learn how to avoid jet lag.

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