Monday, March 27, 2006

Online Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that online affiliate marketing is an easy money making job? You don't need to do the actual selling, no hassle to do customer service, you don't worry about returns and complaints - you simply receive your money either direct to your bank account or through the mail! I can't even believe it not until I receive my first check on the mail!

Affiliate marketing is simply a marketing tool used by many merchants to let you earn by promoting their site and/or their products. If you have a website, and your site is able to bring visitors to their site and these visitors buy one of their products, you earn a certain percentage of the profit! Easy concept?

There are people who are apprehensive that this could probably be a scam. That is a normal feeling. Everybody is entitled to doubt. But mind you, affiliate marketing is used by many big companies out there to promote their products and services online. And there are people who are earning a good sizable income simply by participating in online affiliate marketing.

What if you would be receiving an extra $200 - $300 a month (aside from your job), wouldn't that be good enough to make the monthly payments for your car? Or enough to buy new Nike shoes every month?

I have found two handbooks about affiliate marketing. These are the Affiliate Handbook and the Super Affiliate Handbook. As your initial reference on how to make extra money with affiliate marketing, it would be best to read any of these handbooks first.

We need money. We all need extra money. And I too enjoy making money out of affiliate marketing.

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