Monday, March 13, 2006

Can You Really Stop Smoking?

When man discovered and adapted the practice of smoking, many cigarette and tobacco companies have made a big business out of it. However, the ill effects of smoking have created a negative impact on man's health.

Despite of man's increasing knowledge about the ill effects of smoking, there are still millions of people in many different countries that still actively practice smoking and promote the smoking industry business.

Yes, many now know that smoking can cause lung cancer, emphysema, and many other deadly diseases, many people are still keeping their eyes shut and are trying to ignore all the necessary precautions and warnings. In the US, cigarette packs are printed with health warnings about smoking. Active business advertisements on smoking have been banned in the US.

In recent years, law suits against cigarette companies have been filed. Some cigarette companies have lost millions of dollars. Today, some of these cigarette companies now take an active part in discouraging smoking.

But can people really stop smoking? Should we blame the cigarette companies? Or, can humans be blamed too for their own irresponsible decisions about smoking?

Today, we know that nicotine plays an addicting component in cigarette smoke. Thus many anti-smoking medications have also evolved. Yet, after taking such medications, there are still some people who just would like to try to smoke again. Is it because of peer pressure?

Today, many health programs have also been formulated such as the Fresh Start, and many other anti-smoking programs. With all the anti-smoking programs and the anti-smoking medications that are all availabe, if one just can't quit smoking, it is because such individual probably just does not have the discipline and determination to quit.
If you are such an individual, remember you are not just hurting yourself. You are also hurting the innocent ones who are around you.

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