Sunday, March 19, 2006

Making Money With Your Computer

The computer has been one of the most wonderful invention of mankind. Today, millions of people are making use of computers. But do you have ideas how to make money with computers? Here are some ideas for you.

1. Desktop Publishing. When somebody pays you to make a computerized report - that is part of desktop publishing. Desktop publishing includes but is not limited to printing labels, stickers, calendars, invitations, resume's, banners, brochures, CD & DVD labels, T-shirt print-ons, logo designs, and many more. Many businesses now thrive out of desktop publishing.

2. Arcade Games. Games can be very fun. Not everbody can afford to buy a computer and play arcade games. Some businesses allow their customers to play the games that these people want and charge them on a per hour basis. Imagine if you have 20 computers and you have 20 customers per hour - just do the math, how much would you earn on a monthly basis?

3. Internet. With the advent of computers, the internet came along. People can now send messages by email which they enjoy because these messages are sent extremely fast as opposed to regular mails. People can chat with their friends from the other side of the globe in real time! And others just simply love to surf the internet for various reasons. Since not many people can afford computers, internet cafe's thrive in many societies.

4. Ecommerce. The ecommerce is now growing at an exponential rate. People can now shop online while in their homes. If you can have a website and you know how to drive traffic or to bring people to your site, you can literally make millions through your site. One of the best resources about internet marketing is Corey Rudl's ebook "Insider Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet" Almost anything can be sold through the internet. Of course, you will need a computer to build your website or to post products in some auction sites such as Ebay.
Ebay is the most popular site for auction sales on the internet. How you market through ebay is of course another subject. One of the best resources about Ebay is an ebook entitled, "The Insider Secrets Of An Ebay Millionaire".
5. Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the techniques used in internet marketing. It is selling other people's products and services. So, even if you don't have a product to sell, you still can make money in the internet by selling other people's products. What you simply need is your computer,creativity, discipline and patience. One of the best resource is Rosalind Gardner's ebook entitled "The Super Affiliate Handbook".
These are just some of the many ideas where you can make money out of your computer. However, just a little caution, while others have succeeded in these ideas, the results of your business may differ from one person to another. Challenges and obstacles are also present. Fraud is even present. But with determination, failure should not be your option.


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